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Watching the Throne: A Lyrical Analysis of Kanye West

This is an in-depth-yet-entertaining dive into the lyrics and narrative artistry of Kanye West's music. We go track by track through Ye's discography, revealing the narrative and poetic techniques he uses, tracking his growth as a storyteller, and illuminating the narratives behind Yeezus and The Life of Pablo.

For Kanye fans, this might be the Ye-centric lyrical discussion you've been waiting for. For musicians and writers, this is practical insight into how one of the best storytellers in music history does what he does.

We also have a news show about Kanye, Kim, North, Saint, and Jay-Z. We look at the top 5 posts from Reddit's Kanye community, r/Kanye. And discuss other relevant Ye topics.

And there's our interview series, My StorYe, where we interview people about their relationship with Kanye West.

We hope you enjoy!

Apr 18, 2017 thought we wouldn't discuss I Love Kanye? You thought we'd ignore a song that's shorter than any of the Broke Phi Broke skits? You thought we were above spending an hour and twenty minutes dissecting a one-minute acapella ditty?

Oh...wait. You thought there was no double meaning to I Love Kanye? You didn't realize The Life of Pablo is a grand narrative where Kanye is learning to love himself and his family? And that this meta song marks an important turning point in that journey? And that there are multiple narrators and meanings occurring in this paradox of a track?

Well, then strap in, my friend.

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